Fire safety is finally becoming beautiful pieces of home decoration.


Add a layer of safety and peace of mind to your home with fire safety products from Nordic Flame.

Fire protection is always a current and important topic, especially in one’s own home. However, traditional fire safety products are typically not aesthetically pleasing and usually end up being tucked away somewhere in a closet.

Nordic Flame combines function and design with a complete series of high-quality fire extinguishers and fire blankets designed with your stylish home environment in mind.

The products are made to be exposed and therefore more accessible should an emergency arise. Having your fire extinguisher or fire blanket within close reach allows you to engage a fire in its earliest stage, thus preventing serious fire damage.

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Nordic Flame is a subsidiary of Tradingbox AB, a dynamic small Swedish company with its headquarters in Stockholm.

We design and sell exclusive Scandinavian products for the areas of kitchen, home accessories, textiles and designed fire safety products. Our clients are home decor stores and design houses in Sweden and Norway. In these markets we are well established with the well-known brands Solstickan Design ( and Nitedals Design (

Nordic Flame is our latest brand focusing on our main business area, Designed Fire Safety Products, with a newly established branch in Germany. The product range of Nordic Flame goes under the motto “Modern Fire Safety” and contains a complete series of exclusively designed fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

The great Scandinavian market success of this division lies in the triad of beautiful and appealing products and packaging design, unbeatable product benefits and strong trading partners. 

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