Questions and answers about fire protection products from Nordic Flame

Why powder as an extinguishing agent?
Modern powder as an extinguishing agent has several advantages. The most important are:
  1. Extinguishes all types of common household fires (A = solids, B = liquids, C = gases)
  2. Sudden & very effective extinguishing performance (compare the information on extinguishing performance on different products, e.g. with foam fire extinguishers!)
  3. Effective in extreme temperatures: -30°C to +60°C, making powder fire extinguishers versatile for outdoor areas (e.g., barbecue areas), unheated buildings, cars, mobile homes, and boats.
  4. The modern powder has no expiration date. (E.g. the extinguishing agent in a foam fire extinguisher must be changed every 2-6 years).

Sometimes the “pollution” that arises when using powder is used as a counter argument. That's right, because the fine extinguishing powder is actually spread over a large area when the extinguisher is used. BUT: The main damage in a fire is always caused by fire and smoke. If there is a fire, it depends on the quick and easy extinguishing of the fire and thus damage limitation. (In addition, the fire protection insurance always pays for the cleaning of the damaged areas).

How does the Nordic Flame 5-year safety guarantee work?
If one of our fire extinguishers is used in the event of a fire, the owner will get a new fire extinguisher from us (!). The prerequisite for this 5-year guarantee is that you have registered with us in advance (homepage under "Security Guarantee") and that the damage has been reported to the insurance company. Everything else can be found on our website and in the instructions for use.

Can I refill the fire extinguisher and where?
Yes, all Nordic Flame fire extinguishers can be refilled if necessary (after use). This is also worthwhile with our high-quality fire extinguisher - rather not with a simple “hardware store fire extinguisher”. Our fire extinguishers thus also make a contribution to sustainability. The most convenient and fastest refilling is to use our unique ”refill service”. Simply purchase it here. Your refilled fire extinguisher will be sent to your home address within only a few days. If desired, filling can also be carried out by other specialist companies. You can find these companies either on the Internet or in the Yellow Pages

Does a fire extinguisher have to be serviced every 2 years?
This maintenance obligation only applies to commercial use, where a fire extinguisher is required by law (it must then also be red). The high-quality designer fire extinguishers from Nordic Flame are for domestic / private use and therefore do not have to be checked / serviced every two years. You should check the pressure gauge regularly: if the pointer is in the green area, the fire extinguisher will work properly. Nevertheless, we recommend an additional test by a specialist every 10 years.

Do you even need a fire extinguisher at home?
So far there is no fire extinguisher requirement in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. However, purchasing a smoke detector to supplement it is very important and is particularly recommended. A fire develops very quickly and unexpectedly. He can break out at any time.
Statistically speaking, there is a fire in a German apartment or house every two to three minutes. Three out of four fires can be extinguished without the fire brigade, thanks to aids such as fire extinguishers or fire blankets. Apartment and house fires also kill around 400 lives in Germany every year.

Don't fire extinguishers have to be red?
No, a fire extinguisher for your own apartment or house doesn't have to be red. That's why Nordic Flame has beautiful, differently colored, fire extinguishers in its range that are impressive and are also welcome! They can be optimally integrated into a stylish living environment. If a fire extinguisher is immediately at hand, it can be used early and thus prevent serious fire damage.
In commercial areas (offices and businesses), where fire extinguishers are required by law, the fire extinguishers must be red.

Can I hang the Nordic Flame design fire extinguishers in rooms that are used commercially?
All designer fire extinguishers (including those from Nordic Flame) that do not have the red “Signal” color may generally not be used as legally required fire extinguishers for commercial purposes. However, they may be placed in commercial premises as additional fire extinguishers and design elements.
The main area of ​​application for a design fire extinguisher is mainly in private houses and apartments as well as in vehicles and boats.

Are Nordic Flame fire extinguishers approved?
Our fire extinguishers have been manufactured and tested according to the highest European quality standards as well as the EU standard EN3. They also have the CE mark. Thus they are approved for private houses and apartments.
However, because of the lack of red color, they are not approved for commercial purposes as legally required fire extinguishers.

Why do I need a fire blanket?
A fire blanket is a very useful addition to a fire extinguisher. With it you can quickly and effectively extinguish small fires safely and effectively. The areas of application are e.g. Pots or pans with burning fat (you must never extinguish with water here!), Burning candle decorations (e.g. Christmas wreath) and (smaller) electrical appliances.
The beautiful fire blanket from Nordic Flame is best hung up in the kitchen so that it is visible and ready to hand, because statistically this is where most of the fires in the household occur.

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